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Manufacturing Facilities

The group has three manufacturing facilities located in Malappuram District, Kerala State.


This facility, the group’s first manufacturing plant, is located in Perintalmanna. This plant commenced production in the year 1986. In this facility Sterile Ophthalmic and Non Sterile Nasal and Otic formulations were being produced. In the year 2005, non-sterile formulations were moved to another facility and this unit is now totally dedicated for the manufacture of sterile formulations.

This manufacturing facility has a production capacity of 5,00,000 units per month in a single shift.

The unit is well connected by Air, Rail and Road. The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport, which is 70kms from Perintalmanna.


This facility was set up in the 2005, when it was decided to dedicate separate facilities for sterile and non-sterile formulations. All our non-sterile liquid formulations are manufactured in this plant.  This modern facility has a production capacity of 6,00,000 units per month in a single shift.

The unit is located in Anamangad, around 8kms from our facility in Perintalmanna.


Chethana Medicaments Pvt. Ltd., was set up in the year 1995 at Aripra near Perintalmanna. This facility produces modern herbal formulations. The facility is located 9kms from Perintalmanna.